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Learning how to master these skills will take a lot of the stress out of presenting and ensure that you connect with your listeners.

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Depending on the format you are looking for, the Knock ‘em Alive Powerful Presentation Skills content can be taught during a keynote, breakout session, or an intimate full-day workshop.

Learning how to master these skills will take a lot of the stress out of presenting and ensure that you connect with your listeners.

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In this format we do a live before and after demonstration with 2-3 participants that will astonish the audience. It is amazing how much can be learned and retained in a 60–90-minute session and all participants will have the opportunity to experience a similar transformation for themselves. Regardless of audience size this is a fast paced and interactive experience that equips listeners with powerful presentation skills!

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The before and after videos from this experience are jaw dropping and the sense of accomplishment and confidence in the room is palpable. With a maximum of 12 people this intensive workshop allows each participant to get video, peer, and instructor feedback throughout the day. We cover audience wants and needs, dealing with fear, and the physical skills. The bond that participants gain from this workshop also enhances their working relationship, so it is a powerful experience for coworkers.

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In any format, participants are guaranteed to learn skills that will make them appear more confident than they may actually be when they have their next speaking opportunity. 

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 I work with a limited number of clients each year to do intensive 1:1 Presentation Coaching. If you are committed to dramatically improving your skills and are willing to invest your time and resources into doing so, this could be a great option for you. It all starts with an initial meeting to uncover your specific needs and determine if this program aligns with the outcomes you are looking to achieve. 

Client Love

"The techniques and tools I learned showed immediate results that I am able to continue to build upon. Tanis can foster a fun and comfortable learning environment. I was extremely nervous at the thought of tackling this new skill in front of peers, but within minutes I was laughing, feeling at ease, having fun, and cheering teammates on. Having a fun learning environment made all the difference. Six months later, I applied for a position that had me present to the hiring staff and CEO. I got the job!”

- Mary Baird, Resource Development Manager, United Way of Larimer County

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