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Knock 'Em Alive
Powerful Presentation Skills

Level 2

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This workshop begins with a review of the skills learned from Level 1 including the seven attributes audiences find most important and presentation delivery skills. This refresher also includes information about structuring a speech and applying presentation models that are typically called for in the corporate setting. After looking at the structure and model used, we move into how to effectively incorporate visuals into presentations to add the next level of texture. Each participant is asked to bring a few slides from a presentation they have or will be delivering. 

Staff Meeting
Staff Meeting


 Identify personal progress in the use of skills presented in Level 1.

 Learn four distinct presentation models appropriate to corporate environment.

 Learn how and when to effectively and appropriately use visuals.

 Prepare visually stimulating and professional PowerPoint slides.

 Practice delivering a presentation with PowerPoint using skills learned in Level 1.

 Learn ways to conduct audience research to discover desired outcomes.

 Present with impact - capture audience attention.


  • Understand, design and practice delivery of the following presentation models:

    • Persuasive Model

    • Informative Model

    • Educational Model

    • Facilitation Model

  • Appropriate and powerful use of visuals including:

    • PowerPoint, handouts, decks, and props.

  • Create interesting and useful visuals.

  • Conduct pre-presentation audience research to ensure an
    effective presentation.

  • Learn to meld the audience objectives with the presenter's objectives.

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