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Conference Enrichment

Are you feeling confident about your upcoming conference except for the speakers?

You have a spectacular venue, a perfect theme, and an impressive stage, but your presenters haven’t even submitted their slide decks yet – due a week ago!

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We understand that feeling.

No one wants to have an event that attendees describe as “okay” because of underwhelming speakers who seem unprepared.

Don’t fret – that’s where Elevate Your Communication comes in! 


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Tanis has been working with conferences and events for nearly a decade, offering her expertise to both main-stage and breakout speakers.


With her coaching and guidance, your presenters will be able to showcase their industry expertise in a polished and memorable way, leaving lasting positive impressions on your attendees when your event ends.


Depending on your timeline, number of speakers, and types of presentations Tanis will customize a plan to deliver on your specific objectives. 

Let's connect.

tanis roeder
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