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Knock 'Em Alive
Powerful Presentation Skills

Level 1

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Although public speaking may not be your favorite thing to do, the ability to persuade and communicate effectively can impact every aspect of your professional life. This workshop focuses on fine-tuning one's abilities and skills in this arena which is essential to your career success. Whether you wish to communicate with two or two hundred people, there are specific skills that will make a measurable difference in your overall success. The "Knock 'em Alive! Powerful Presentation Skills" workshop created by Scott Halford of Complete Intelligence, is a workshop designed to lead busy professionals through an integrated process of learning to communicate and present effectively. Regardless of previous instruction and experience, participants will find value. 

Staff Meeting
Staff Meeting


✓ Understand and use the behaviors that signal confidence, poise, and power in any communication.

✓ Use of eyes, voice, hands, and feet as tools for communication.

✓ Understand and manage fear.


  • Seven attributes of the effective communicator.

  • Negative "markers" that shutdown your listener.

  • Positive "markers" that engage your listener.

  • Individual evaluation of "Where do you stand now as a communicator?"

  • Includes establishment of individual "benchmark" using video feedback.

  • Use your eyes to build rapport. Your voice to increase power and effectiveness. Your hands and stance to help people "see" what you say.

  • Monitor the fear factor using physiological and mental monitoring -learn what to do when the fear becomes overwhelming.

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