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Exclusive 8-Day
Guatemala Service Trip

Oct 6th–13th, 2023


It has been a long-time dream of mine to lead service trips around the world with amazing people like you. There is something so special about visiting another country and giving back, experiencing the culture, and taking some down time to reflect inward.


When I met Tobie, the Founder of Be Humanitarian, I knew she was the perfect partner for my first trip! I love the mission of their organization. I respect the fact that they support women and children not just by giving them short term handouts, but instead by teaching them skills that will result in long term self-sufficiency. I also love that she takes care of all the details and logistics so everyone on the trip can be in the moment the entire time.


My experience with service trips is that they often change the participants lives even more than we change the lives of those we go to serve, and I have no doubt that this one will do exactly that.


If you have ever heard about someone traveling abroad to give back and thought to yourself that you should do that someday, maybe it’s time. After all, you reading this is not an accident.


Or maybe you have done a service trip before, but it has been a long time and your heart is calling you to get back out there and do it again. Ask yourself – is it time to answer the call?


I encourage you to fill out the form below so we can set up a time to talk more about if the trip in October is a good fit for you!

About Our Itinerary

The first half of this trip is designed to give you time to disconnect, recharge and experience the beauty of Guatemala. The second half of the trip is designed to give you the opportunity to share your gifts, pour into others, and serve in a way that is meaningful to you.

Day 1

Day 2

Upon arriving in Guatemala City (GUA) – you will be welcomed by our driver who will take us on a private bus to our first destination. We will drive from Guatemala City to Antigua where we will have our first group dinner and enjoy a leisurely evening walking tour of Antigua.

After a good night’s rest and a delicious breakfast, we will take a morning walk / hike to the city overlook to appreciate the spectacular views of Vulcan de Fuego, Vulcan de Agua and Vulcan de Acatenango. We will spend the day exploring the ruins and supporting the locals by shopping in the fabulous markets. After lunch we will pack our belongings and take the bus from Antigua towards the black sand beaches where dinner will be waiting for us when we arrive. 

Day 3

This day will be spent at and in the ocean! We will enjoy the beautiful black sand beach and you can take advantage of surfing, kayaking, or swimming in the waves. There is also a super relaxing pol at the resort you can enjoy if saltwater isn’t your thing. We also have an extra special activity planned for this day – releasing baby turtles into the ocean!

Day 4 

After morning yoga, or stretching, or sleeping in and a delicious breakfast we will load our belongings in our bus and say goodbye to the beach as we travel to Panajachel and Lake Atitlan. Once we arrive and get settled, we will spend the afternoon and evening sharing our gifts with each other – more details on this to come!

Day 5

It is finally time to meet the moms and preschool kiddos for the first time! We will do a special painting project with them and take the time to read and play. For lunch we get to support our moms at our Mother’s Market where we can purchase handmade items and food that they make. After lunch we will volunteer at a local school that has K-8th grade. After a long day of loving on others we will head back to Panajachel for a sunset stroll, a SoulFull debrief and a delicious Italian dinner. 

Day 6

After a lovely breakfast we will get to meet our mom’s and preschool kiddos for the first time and enjoy a painting project with them. We will also get the opportunity to read with and play with our kiddos. For lunch we get to support our moms at our Mother’s Market (where we can purchase handmade items and food that they make). After lunch we will volunteer at a local school (K-8th grade school). We will head back to Panajachel for a sunset stroll and delicious Italian dinner. 

Day 7

Although every day of the trip is fun, this one is going to be jam packed! We will be taking a field trip with the kiddos to a local park to play soccer and return to deliver donations and eat lunch with them. The afternoon will be spent working on projects at the sewing center, don’t worry – no sewing skills needed!

To commemorate our last night, we are going to set up an outdoor theater so we can host a very special Movie & Pizza Night in San Andrés for our Preschool community! We will have a final SoulFull debrief to wrap up what has been an amazing trip with people who are now forever friends.

Day 8

We will say goodbye to San Andrés and travel back to  Guatemala City after breakfast to catch afternoon/evening flights home.

Photos from previous trips.

Trip Investment: $2,695*

Payment Options Availalble

Itinerary is subject to change due to current project needs.

Price includes all transportation once in Guatemala, lodging, meals & non-alcoholic beverages, all activities listed in the itinerary, and a small donation to be.humanitarian.


*Does Not Include Airfare

Guatemala Service Trip Application

*After submitting your information we will set up a zoom call to talk more about the trip!

Thank you for applying. I will be in touch soon!

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